Lots of things can crop up when selling your current home, with one of these being calculating the price. During a valuation, an estimate is made of your home's value. Living Stone furthermore also offers a free valuation. A free valuation in Leuven runs smoothly and professionally, thanks to our years of expertise and experience in the real estate market.

Office Leuven
Office Leuven


During your free valuation in Leuven, one of our professional employees makes an estimate of your home's sale value. Multiple factors are calculated into this value. Subjective elements such as building style and interior are of course examined. However, our construction insights, market knowledge and expert experience are also included in the calculation.


The free valuation in Leuven will not lead to an exact amount, but rather as precise and realistic an estimate as possible of your home's value. The current market should of course not be overlooked. You can then make a decision based on the report we provide, which forms a realistic and reliable basis.

Our years of experience and expertise makes us the real-estate benchmark in the region. Our specialists hail from various professional fields, and opt for quality over quantity. We provide peace of mind in Dutch, French or English. Request a free valuation in Leuven using the contact form or send us an email. The Living Stone team can be contacted by telephone.