Selling a home is no mean feat, as everyone knows. This is because a whole host of things might be involved – from viewings, to piles of paperwork. At Living Stone, we endeavour to make selling your home that bit easier. We can offer a range of real estate services, but did you know we also offer a free valuation? During this valuation, an estimate is made of your home's market value. For a free valuation in Haacht, get in touch with Living Stone.

Office Haacht
Office Haacht


If you'd like to sell your home in Haacht, we'll offer you a helping hand. During a free valuation in Haacht, one of our professional employees makes as precise-as-possible an estimate of your home's sale value. This estimate is based on various factors, and can form the basis for your eventual decision. The most obvious features of your home are of course first examined: its construction year, its condition and the appearance of the interior.

Moreover, with the free valuation in Haacht we look at the location and the floor area, and conduct a market study, using a market study and a calculation from the buyer's point of view. we can make a fairly precise and accurate estimate of your home's value. You can then make your eventual decision based on this. At Living Stone, we have been real-estate experts for years now. Our employees hail from various sectors, and speak Dutch, French and English. This makes us a professional and an accessible real estate partner.



Location should not be overlooked when estimating your home. This means that during the free valuation in Haacht, the position and surroundings, and how these influence the sale price, are also explored. Small-scale and cosy Haacht remains a desirable location for curious prospectives, meaning your home's value will probably turn out to be favourable. If you'd like to know more about your free valuation in Haacht, getting in touch with us is quick and easy though the site, by email or telephone. We will be happy to help.