You'd soon like to sell your home in the Dilbeek area. Living Stone offers a free valuation in Dilbeek for those looking for a suitable price for their home. During a free valuation in Dilbeek, we make a reliable estimate of your property's market value that's as realistic as possible.

Office Dilbeek
Office Dilbeek


When you request a free valuation in Dilbeek from us, you can rely on years of experience and expertise within the real estate market. Our team is made up of seasoned experts from a range of professional fields. What's more, they all speak Dutch, French and English. Wherever you live, a free valuation with us always goes smoothly and professionally.

During a free valuation in Dilbeek, one of our colleagues comes around and calculates a price you can sell your home for. This estimate is made based on a variety of factors, which might include your home's floor area, while the construction year and the interior are also taken into account. The valuation is and remains an estimate: our expert experience ensures as realistic an approach as possible. We substantiate this with a comparative market study and a calculation from the buyer's point of view.


During the free valuation in Dilbeek, we above all shouldn't lose sight of the surroundings. Alongside the factors mentioned above, our colleagues also factor your home's position into the price calculation. Dilbeek lies on the outskirts of the Brussels agglomeration, making it a desirable place for home seekers.

This makes it highly likely our estimated sale price of your home will turn out to be favourable. You can trust in Living Stone's expertise and years of experience. Request a free valuation in Dilbeek using the contact form or send us an email. We're all set to provide you with peace of mind when selling your home.