For many people, selling their current home is an arduous task. It's certainly true that lots of things tend to crop up. Living Stone is happy to help out with selling your home. Not only do we offer our real estate agent service, but you can also request a free valuation in Brussels from us. The intention of carrying out a valuation is to gain as realistic an estimate as possible of your home's value. Read here how exactly that works.

Office Brussels
Office Brussels


With a free valuation in Brussels, you have us calculate a price for your home. We take various factors into consideration, in order to make as realistic an estimate as possible of your home. This involves not only the subjective factors, such as the construction year, the home's style and the interior, but the home's surface and the street are also taken into account. These points are then substantiated by a comparative market study and a calculation from the buyer's point of view.

Our years of expertise and experience within the real estate market mean you can take our employees' professionalism and competence as a given. While hailing from various sectors, they are thoroughly specialised in our real estate services. Because our employees all speak Dutch, French and English, language will never pose a barrier. Your free valuation in Brussels will go smoothly, and will be professional and clear. Following the valuation, you'll have a good picture of what your home is worth.


Your home's location is furthermore a significant factor in the free valuation in Brussels. Fortunately, Belgium's capital city is a place where curious prospectives are keen to live, meaning the free estimate will most probably turn out favourably for you. Request a free valuation in Brussels using the contact form, send us an email, or you can of course always give us a call us. Selling your home? Living Stone is happy to help.