What is a certificate of compliance and how do I apply for it?

A certificate of compliance is an official document that confirms that your rental property meets the required quality standards. A certificate of compliance assures the tenant that your property is in compliance with safety, health, and quality standards. In a property or apartment with a certificate of compliance, there may be some category I defects (= minor defects that negatively affect the living conditions of the occupants or that have the potential to develop into serious defects). A property with minor defects is not deemed unsuitable or uninhabitable and can be rented out. Not every municipality requires a certificate of compliance, so it is important to verify the applicable rules in your municipality before renting.

| Where do you apply for this certificate? You need to submit an application to the municipality or city where your rental property is located. A housing inspector will prepare a technical report, after which the mayor will make a decision within a maximum of 60 days. If no decision is made or if you do not receive a certificate of compliance, you can submit a new application within a period of 30 days to the Housing Quality Department of the Flemish government.

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